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 Our Mission

To Make Zen Accessible

ZenSpace offers a place to learn and practice meditation for those interested in Zen and Buddhism. We emphasize the tradition of "sitting meditation" or zazen, while respecting diversity in learning styles and cultural interests in practice.

ZenSpace is funded by donations, and does not charge any fees for participation in meditation practice. We strive for an inclusive atmosphere that promotes a compassionate, friendly, and harmonious community or sangha and hold to a belief that Zen and Buddhist practice in general can be enjoyed by everyone.

Mission Statement

ZenSpace encourages, supports, and promotes the practice of Zen Buddhism with emphasis on meditation.

Guiding Principles

  • We are a cooperative community of individuals who wish to learn and deepen our spiritual practice. Formal membership in ZenSpace requires a commitment to meditation practice.

  • We are primarily learners. We learn from our own meditation, from others who practice, and from all our life situations. Thus each of us is also a teacher.

  • We respect a diversity of learning styles and cultural interests. We welcome everyone including beginners and persons of other religious faiths or no faith.

  • We maintain a regular meditation schedule in one or more locations. Our meditations will always be open to any interested person without charge.

  • We maintain communications among ourselves and with the public through such means as a web site, email, phone, talks, discussions, and printed materials.

  • We develop outreach programs and affiliations that emphasize meditation practice.

  • We finance ZenSpace through voluntary donations. Members will not pay dues.

For Further Information

For further information about our approach to meditation and other activities, please review our Web pages. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you and practicing with you.


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