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 Commentary & Readings

Thoughts About the Contemporary Practice of Zen

As Buddhism spreads, new schools evolve under the influence of the resident society. While monastic practitioners can retreat from the dominant culture, lay practitioners must contend with social mores on a daily basis. As western lay practitioners, we consider carefully that which can facilitate our practice of Zen in the invasive world of technology and telecommunications in which we live exness.

Towards this end, we welcome discussion of contemporary Zen practice.

Zen gardenZen Practice
- by Fred Rossini

Notes on Contemporary Zen
- by Fred Rossini

On the Heart of Wisdom Sutra
- by Fred Rossini

Zen Notes -Five Years at ZenSpace
- by Fred Rossini

During 2004 a group at ZenSpace studied the Diamond Sutra in depth exness thailand. The resulting Diamond Sutra Project consists of uniquely diverse paraphrases of the Diamond Sutra by five ZenSpace members. Possibly some of these shared insights will help you in seeking realizing. However, even if none do, hopefully they will encourage you to continue seeking realizing, mindful that seeking realizing is not seeking realizing, it is only expediently called seeking realizing. Enjoy it!

Diamond Sutra Project
- This document is formatted in Microsoft Word and once open, you may save it on your computer for future reading and/or printing exness th. To return to the site, simply close the Diamond Sutra Project browser window.

Suggested Readings

Numerous books about Zen line the shelves of bookstores. For a brief listing of some of our favorite titles, please consult the following:

Introduction to Zen

Further Readings About Zen

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