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Other Buddhist Centers

I-chingMeditation entails a commitment to practice. As you cultivate your practice, you may be interested in experiencing other Buddhist temples and centers located in Georgia.

ZenSpace no longer maintains directories of Buddhist centers on its website.

However, there are several good directories which are periodically updated. Below are links to two of them:

The Dharmaweb Directory

The Atlanta Buddhism Directory

Please note that some information may become out-of-date, so you should contact the temple or center prior to your visit.

Additional Resources

Wisdom Publications offers translations of the sutras and tantras, commentaries and teachings of past and contemporary Buddhist masters, and original works by the world's leading Buddhist scholars. They publish their titles with the appreciation of Buddhism as a living philosophy and with the special commitment to preserve and transmit important works from all the major Buddhist traditions. For more information please visit:

Wisdom Publications (www.wisdompubs.org/)

Appropriate furniture for meditation sitting promotes zazen. Carolina Morning Designs offers a complete line of meditation sitting devices, including zafus, zabutons, benches, inflatable zafus and crescent zafus. To learn more about which cushion is best suited to your needs, and to place an order, visit::

Carolina Morning Designs (www.zafu.net)



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